Tip of the Day for 08/15/2014

Do you have older students interested in art, history, culture and science? Give them an opportunity to learn while volunteering! The Smithsonian has launched its Transcription Center website to the public. The website is designed to leverage the power of crowds to help the Smithsonian unlock the content inside thousands of digitized images of documents, such as handwritten Civil War journals, personal letters from famous artists, 100-year-old botany specimen labels and examples of early American currency. https://transcription.si.edu

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New Look and New Address!

The AASL Advocacy Tip of the Day has a new look, new name, and new address!

Find all the tips you need to make your school library program indispensable at AASL Tip of the Day: http://aasltipoftheday.wordpress.com.

If you’re receiving tips via email…no change is necessary. You will continue to receive a daily email. If you are following via the WordPress site, please update your subscription to the new URL at http://aasltipoftheday.wordpress.com.

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Advocacy Tip #338

Share the wealth! Toot your own horn! Did you make a small change in your library program that made a big difference? Submit it as an advocacy tip of the day.


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Advocacy Tip #337

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been watching the activities during Connected Educator Month and regularly tweeting tweeting about them. He says:

“The model of continuous learning and problem solving within these online spaces is integral to teaching and leading in the 21st century.

Get connected with other educators either inside or outside of your building and develop your plan for life long learning! http://connectededucators.org/cem

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Advocacy Tip #336

The cities have been announced for the Education Drives America bus tour! Is Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visiting your district?  If he was, what would you do to prepare and ensure the school library were part of the conversation? Take those steps, then invite your local elected officials into your school library!

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Advocacy Tip #335

Check out the archive of AASL member Michelle Luhtala’s webinar “How to Build A Rockin’ Volunteer Program.” Presented as part of Connected Educator Month, Michelle discusses how to build a great volunteer program to help deal with the combination of increasing mandates and funding challenges. (Note: The title of the event on your registration confirmation reads “Emerging Technologies.)

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Advocacy Tip #334

Attend one of the events during Connected Educator Month’s Leadership Week taking place August 16-24.  Events will highlight opportunities for building, district, and state leaders to collaborate and learn online.  connectededucators.org/cem

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